Meet AfterVault founder Ric Parks


In 2014, I recognized my own need for a technology solution that would guarantee my wife could find my life insurance, our bills, and all our accounts if something happened to me. I could find no solution that would alert and remind a person’s family when the time came so I started programming AfterVault just for myself. The scope of the project quickly grew beyond my own needs so I hired additional technical help and finally released the original product early in 2016.

Prior to founding, I worked more than ten years on high security applications such as Wells Fargo’s online banking product and directing the engineering at Yapstone, a provider of online payment solutions. This security experience informs every aspect of AfterVault’s best-in-class security technologies and processes. In addition to payments and banking, I’ve also led the engineering efforts for successful software products in education, pharmaceutical testing and safety surveillance, and public utilities.

When I have the time, I enjoy fitness, travel, board games, and reading mystery, fantasy, suspense, historical, and science fiction novels.

Meet our happy team

Ric Parks

Ric Parks

CEO and Founder

I’ve worked more than ten years on high security applications such as Wells Fargo’s online banking product and managing engineering at Yapstone, a payment solutions provider.

With AfterVault, I want to make it possible for people from all over the world to safely store their vital information with the confidence that we will pass it on to their loved ones when those loved ones need it the most.

Joanna Ata

Joanna Ata

Marketing Manager

I have university degrees in both Business and Technology.  My passion for top quality customer experience has helped many companies around the globe to deliver the highest quality for their customers.

I love the idea behind AfterVault and I believe we can help millions of people to protect their families.  Our team is on a mission to make this service available to every family around the world.

Nadeem Yasin

Nadeem Yasin

Software Engineer

I joined AfterVault in 2014 as the original designer and developer.  I’ve developed for numerous startups since I graduated from UET Lahore with a degree in Computer Engineering in 2010. 

During those rare times when I am not coding, I indulge my passion for all things fighter plane related.

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