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Is it possible to write your own will?

Important as it is, estate planning can be confusing and complex. When you first start thinking about it, so many questions can arise. Foremost of course is ‘What do we need to do?’ For many people, the next question mark is whether or not they can write their own...

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AfterVault: A Remedy for Ransomware ?

Here’s the bottom line: The information you put in AfterVault is not vulnerable to ransomware attacks on your computers. Now let’s back up to the beginning and talk a bit about the details and caveats of that first statement. Ransomware is malicious software that...

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Death has changed

Death has changed. And little by little, we are changing, too. Once a taboo topic, it’s being talked about more openly, more often. Machines are keeping us alive, for better or worse. Death is defined differently, regarded differently. Californians now have End of...

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