Burial benefits for veterans – What you need to know

Speaking to Veterans about burial benefits is always rewarding. Some will say “oh, the government will take care of everything.”But that is not true. Eligible Veterans qualify for burial in a National Cemetery, such as Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, in Dixon CA.

But the VA does not make funeral arrangements or perform cremations.The family still must know the Veteran’s wishes and make plans with a mortuary and funeral director. There is an allowance for Veteran burials but not all costs are covered. Very important to know!
Most private cemeteries offer a section for Veteran burials, and certain discounts, but there still needs to be a budget and a plan.

Talk about your final plans.

Sacramento Veterans can obtain assistance and guidance for housing, education, employment and life issues from various agencies in the area, such as the Veterans Service Center through Volunteers of America, American River College, and the Veterans Family Advisory Council. There are professionals who specialize in working with Veterans, such as Landon Tymochko, a Vet himself who provides financial planning services; Venice Sullivan of Hope Institute, offering unique therapy; and agents serving Vets in real estate and mortgages like Michael D. Williams and Chuck Jones.

When it comes to a final resting place for Veterans and their family members, it is important to know all the details ahead of time.