The New Has Arrived! Introducing The Second Guardian!

The New Has Arrived! Introducing The Second Guardian!

We’re excited to announce a new release of With this update you’ll have the opportunity to add a second guardian to your vaults. If your first guardian doesn’t answer in time, we’ll reach out to your secondary guardian.
Now you also have the chance to email us by from the chat box. Just click on the chat box, write your message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Throughout the last year we’ve talked with many of you regarding your needs and what could make even better. We’re constantly working to make sure we can deliver the best quality for you. This is why we’d be incredibly thankful if you would take a little time to tell us how we can improve your AfterVault experience. Just reply to this email and we’ll be forever grateful.

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Estate information delivered automatically if you die?

Estate information delivered automatically if you die? announces a unique approach.

San Francisco, CA (March 6, 2017)

Estate information delivered automatically if you die? announces a unique approach., a digital lockbox for your will, life insurance, valuables, accounts, and other vital information, has announced an innovative way to automatically deliver this information to those close to you if you are no longer able to attend your own affairs. And they do it for free.

Lots of people think they have everything in order should something happen to them. They have a will, life insurance, maybe an inventory of valuables, a health care directive. That’s all great but it does their family little good if they can’t find that information.

The loss of such information is a surprisingly widespread problem. CNN Money estimates $58 billion in lost account funds; 60 Minutes reported that there are many billions of dollars of unclaimed life insurance, and the Humane Society estimates that up to half a million pets are placed in shelters each year when their human passes. It’s impossible to estimate how many wills are lost or valuables destroyed but anecdotal evidence indicates that these dollars are probably also in the billions.

A California company called has gone a long way toward solving this problem. Their solution has two major components.

First, they provide cloud-based encrypted ‘vaults’ with categorized sections for the vital information your family is likely to need including documents and photos, and information about accounts, insurance, pets, social media, etc.

Second, and most interestingly, they provide a patent-pending mechanism to check on you and then inform or remind a guardian about the vault.

“I think nothing in my life has gratified me more than talking to our customers and hearing how much they love our system,” says CEO, Ric Parks. “When the system checks on them, they know we’ve got their back and they like that occasional reminder. They know their information is secure and well organized for their family and that we’ll get it to their loved ones when they need it.” provides several other features such as the ability to allow the guardian for each vault to have immediate access, to require a death certificate, and to use your cell phone’s camera to photo paper documents directly into their appropriate section. Plus, it’s hard to beat the price since is offering the service for one time fee of $299.

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