Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is your site?

We take security seriously. We’ve invested heavily in the best security tools and tech, and we’re constantly studying the latest developments in web security to stay two steps ahead of the hackers. We follow the same processes and rules as banks do to provide the highest level of security possible for your data.

As far as your account goes, everything is encrypted with the strongest technology available.  We run scans, security review code, and hire the good-guy hackers to try to break in and show us potential weak spots. Rest assured, we understand security, and whatever can be done to make your account 100% secure, we’re doing.

Is this the same thing as a will?

No – it’s a secure place to store one, though. Think of it like this; if you write a will, you can keep it safe in one of our vaults, and we’ll make sure it reaches your family.

Is this the same as a health directive?

No. Same logic as the will question; we’ll hold it for you, but you need to run through your state’s policies regarding advance directives. Check out more info here:

Can I just make a vault for someone and give them immediate access?

Yes.  You don’t need to use the alert rules to notify your beneficiary.  If you like, you can give them immediate access.

Why do I need a guardian?

We’re happy to consolidate this information for your personal access but if you don’t specify a guardian then no one will get the information you’ve so carefully consolidated.

What can I do to ensure my own security?

Always be sure to sign out when you’re done viewing or uploading new information. After 20 minutes of inactivity, we’ll automatically sign you out, but be safe – sign out when you’re done.

Are my alert rules the only mechanism used to determine my presence?

No. If you login to your account, we take that as a sign that you’re still a-ok. If you failed to respond to your alert rules, your vault(s) will go back to the state they were in prior to the failure to respond.

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