Get ready for your baby arrival!

Create a secure vault to safely store all the precious memories, birth certificate and important documentsĀ 

  • First photos
  • Their birth certificate
  • Their sketches and art
  • Location of genetic information
  • Amniotic bank location

Keep the things that matter the most to you and protect your baby!


Baby smiles

You can safely store your most precious photos and videos of your baby’s first smile or first words.


Birth cerificate, health, and genetic records

What does your family need to know about your newborn? Prescriptions, medications and your doctor’s information.


All your baby's vital information

Why leave all this information lying around? Keep it in one safe place.


Your legacy

Organize and keep your will, trust and life insurance


Financial information

You can add all your accounts and documents related to your financial life.

Why wait?

The best time for organizing this information is now.

Security is our top priority


We keep your vital information safe from ransomware.


Military grade 256-AES encryption


It's impossible for even our employees to see your data.


SSL for highly secure end-to-end encryption.