AfterVault is a digital lockbox

…for all your vital information be it financial details, insurance, or social media accounts. You can open unlimited vaults and when you’re no longer around we’ll make sure everything reaches the right people quickly, safely, and securely.

1. You Fill Your Vault

Save vital information and upload documents for the ones you leave behind in secure, private cloud-based vaults.

2. Your Vault Pings You

Your vaults will check on you periodically, using a personalized protocol of emails and text messages.

3. Your Guardian Gets Access

When you no longer respond, your chosen loved ones gain access to your vaults, ensuring they’re safe and secure.

Your vaults can contain up to 100 GB of docs and photos.

That’s 2,000,000 pages of word documents or 18000 photos.

AfterVault’s Categorization System

We provide a categorization system, so you can enter anything you like and keep it organized. Health directives are held in one section, insurance in another, and photos are housed under their own section too. It makes it easy to manage, simple to add to, and convenient to sift through for your next of kin.

How do your beneficiaries get access to your vault?

  • They can gain access now or later, and you can turn that access on and off at your discretion.
  • You can make them send us a death certificate to gain access.
  • They can be given access only if your alert rules tell us you’re no longer able to manage your account.

AfterVault knows when to alert your beneficiaries.

We’ve developed a unique approach (patent pending) to keep tabs on your ability to access your account. It’s a concept called ‘alert rules’. Our system sends you a customized protocol of emails and/or text messages (we’re adding phone calls, social media activity, and more soon) that require a response from you.

If you don’t respond to three of our checks in a row, we’ll open your vault to your beneficiaries.

You are in control of how frequently the system checks on you and what it uses, emails or texts, to do so.

Some typical uses of AfterVault

It’s fairly common that people open their vault long before that time comes, or just use it as a safe, digital holding space for their important information.

  • Providing specific information for specific family members, instead of giving everyone access to everything.
  • Tracking loved one’s important information in case something happens to them. For example, easy access to their health records or bank accounts in case they’re involved in an accident.
  • Making sure your pet is well cared for after you die by providing trust fund information and directives for the animal’s care.
  • Making sure all accounts and insurance information is readily available to your partner or children now, just in case.
  • Holding all important information in the event of an emergency where you aren’t readily available. (ice fishing, working away, etc)
  • Making provisions for your social media accounts after you die (do you want them memorialized or shut down?)
  • Making sure your children have memories and photographs they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

AfterVault has special capabilities on mobile

Our mobile site allows you to take photos in the moment and store them straight in the vault. That’s not only useful for snapping that vacation shot of the family, but also for taking pictures of your insurance documents and bank details and entering them in the vault without typing.

We’re adding the ability to shoot videos and directly store them in the vault, so stay tuned!

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