Linda lost $320,000 because she didn’t make a claim for over 90 days after the death of her husband, Larry. Her new husband, Dave, lost about $75,000 of his father’s life insurance because he couldn’t find the policy.

Dave and Linda met and fell in love eleven years ago after they both lost their spouses to cancer. They married three years ago and today they couldn’t be happier either with their marriage or with their life together. They love to travel in their 43-foot RV going to NASCAR races, car shows, and exploring the country from the east coast to Las Vegas to the American southwest.

But they both had to go through much hardship and pain to get to this happy point in both of their lives.

Linda and her previous husband, Larry, had taken out a life insurance and kept it paid up until the day Larry died. Grief and the myriad of small painful tasks that come with the death of someone close consumed Linda for many months. A little over three months after Larry’s death, when she could finally lift her head to see the more mundane issues that needed to be taken care of, she recalled the life insurance policy. When she went to collect, her claim was denied. Why? Because 90 days had passed. The policy specified that the claim had to be made within 90 days of death so Linda lost $325,000.

Dave, for his part, managed to make it through his wife’s death without losing any life insurance but this was because Dave had already been through the maze of issues that accompany a family member’s passing.

When his father had died a few years earlier, Dave knew there was a $75,000 life insurance policy. His father had made it clear that he had such a policy and that it was up-to-date and paid. But when Dave went through his father’s papers shortly after the funeral, there was no sign of the policy. His father had probably put it in a ‘safe place,’ a place safe enough that no one would ever find. When Dave finally tracked down the information he needed, the policy was closed.

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