Lives and homes lost are, of course, the stories that most break our hearts when a natural disaster such as Hurricane Harvey washes away the treasured possessions of so many thousands and thousands of people.

But there is also the aftermath of the disaster when the victims slog back to what is left of their homes to find they have lost so much else: wills, life insurance policies, securities, deeds to land. Perhaps they had the forethought to appraise some of their most valuable items but those appraisals might now be part of the washed away detritus. The loss of these documents can be irredeemable and will certainly cause significant hardship.

This is why you should be sure all your important documents are digitized and stored somewhere online so, no matter what happens, you’ll have copies ready whenever and where ever you need them. It’s one more major thing you won’t have to worry about.

You have options for online storage but none is more secure, convenient, affordable, and well-organized as AfterVault.

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