What Will Happen To Your Pet If You Die?

Three essential questions

Question 1:  Do you have friends or relatives who you trust and who will take care of your pet if you can’t?

Talk to those friends now. Consider setting up a pet trust so they’ll have financial help caring for your pet. If no one close to you would be able to take your pet, consider a pet ‘retirement home.’ If you go with a ‘retirement home’ a pet trust will be essential…

Question 2:  Is all your pet’s information written down and easily found by your survivors?

Providing for your pet in your will is important but also consider the important information that doesn’t fit in a will. Have that essential information organized and easy to find: veterinarian, prescriptions, habits, favorite toys, and anything else special about your pet. Be sure this information gets to the right people if something happens to you. AfterVault.com is a great solution for this…

Question 3:  Do I need a pet trust?

If you care about your pet’s continued well being if something happens to you, the answer is almost certainly ‘yes’. Download our free ebook for a pet directive document template, step-by-step planning, and a free video series on creating a pet trust.

Download our free AfterVault Pet Planning Toolkit including:

  • Pet directive document template.
  • eBook packed with details on trusts, pet retirement homes, lifetime care, and step-by-step guidance.
  • Full six-part pet planning video series by attorney Stefanie West.