Except for joint accounts, banks are not in a hurry to release money until probate is complete and that can be a serious hardship for those left behind especially given the expenses that come with a death. Use PODS and TODs to get the money to your family right away with no hassle.

A POD is a Payable On Death account. It’s easy. You just fill out a simple form that the bank provides you and, voila!. The person you name on the form can just show up to the bank with a death certificate and the account is theirs. Check the POD checkbox for the account on AfterVault to be sure your family knows the POD is in place.

A TOD is a Transfer On Death allows you to avoid probate for investment accounts. You can register your TOD with either your broker or the company itself. Do it and save yourself or your family a lot of effort.

And, remember, none of this does anyone any good if they can’t find your accounts so be sure to put it in your AfterVault!

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