Important as it is, estate planning can be confusing and complex. When you first start thinking about it, so many questions can arise. Foremost of course is ‘What do we need to do?’ For many people, the next question mark is whether or not they can write their own will. Is it possible without the help of an attorney?

The short answer is, ‘Yes, you can!’

But, even though the answer is yes, you might be well advised to work with an attorney to create and update your will. We’ll be sure to also talk about this option.

If you live in the right state, a good start is your state’s statutory form will. This type of will is created by a state legislature and written into state law. You can use them at no cost, but you will not have the power to personalize it as there are defined sections that cannot be changed. But, if your wishes are very simple, you might find that the statutory form will meets your needs exactly.

For many of us, however, either we don’t live in a state with a statutory form will or we have more than just simple needs. Even in these cases, writing your own will is pretty easy if you want a simple, straightforward will. If you want to do it on your own there are excellent, inexpensive online solutions to help you write your will. Legal Zoom is a popular choice. Nolo Press’s website and publications are terrific. Between these two resources the majority of people can get their will in excellent order.

On the other hand, you should not hesitate to work with an attorney if you have any doubts at all about your needs. An attorney can be sure that you understand all the laws that govern wills and estates in your jurisdiction. Although there are probably many good estate attorneys in your local area, you might also try finding assistance with or some other online law assistance site. You can usually save a bit of money and still get excellent work from one of these sites.

Finally, no matter which direction you go, don`t forget to safely store your will so your family will know exactly where to find it when they need it the most. is a terrific choice to make sure it’s safely stored and delivered to the right person when that time comes.

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