Why to choose a Lifetime plan!

Send us your documents, we’ll scan them in and send them back. 4 docs and a total of 200 pages for lifetime only.

AfterVault has a system for checking on you so that it knows when to alert your beneficiaries.

We’ve developed a unique approach (patent pending) to keep tabs on your ability to access your account. It’s a concept called ‘alert rules’. Our system sends you a customized protocol of emails and/or text messages (we’re adding phone calls, social media activity, and more soon) that require a response from you.

If you don’t respond to three of our checks in a row, we’ll open your vault to your beneficiaries.

You are in control of how frequently the system checks on you and what it uses, emails or texts, to do so.

AfterVault will dramatically improve security

You should always consider that even stored in your desk your vital documents are still not safe. Think about all the people which are entering your home invited or univited, such as housekeepers, home sitters, your kid’s friends or theft. If you want to improve your security, just keep your documents in one or several vaults.

With AfterVault your information is safe from ransomware attacks, hard drive failures, fires, and pretty much every other unforeseen destructive happening. It’s up on cloud servers, available 24/7 on any computer or mobile devise.

Your family will always worry about you! Make sure they know you are ok!

AfterVault has the ability to let your family know if something has happened to you and to let them know about the information you have stored in your vaults.

We care

With each subscription we donate money to several organziations.

Do you like complicated and time consuming systems?

No! We neither!

eMail system

We offer an eMail system to guide you through the process until completion.

Great support

Chat any time for expert assistance to help you complete your vault.

Easy upload

Just use your phone, take a picure of your document and upload it to your vault.

Lazy scan

Send us your documents, we’ll scan them in and send them back to you!

50% OFF

Hurry up! The deal is only active for 3 days!

It is free for your guardians!

Share each vault with anyone, they pay nothing