Make sure your family has the information they need!


My aunt lost $320,000 because she didn’t claim life insurance until more than 90 days after her husband died.


Her new husband lost $200,000 of his father’s life insurance because he never found the policy that he knew, without a doubt, existed.


A Walnut Creek man’s father stuffed $400,000 in a TV. After the father died he gave the TV to Goodwill.

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Start to safely store your vital information and take care of your family now for free!


You can keep all the things that matter the most to you and protect your family



All the happy moments

You can safely store your most precious photos and messages.


Your legacy

Organize and keep your will, trust and life insurance


Financial information

You can add all your accounts and documents related to your financial life.


Health Directives

What does your family need to know about your health? Prescriptions, medications and your doctor information.


Other information

There are many more categories such as : pet provisions, social media accounts and websites. And anything else you deem too important to leave lying around.

My family can go to one place. They don’t need to go through my files to find everything. And because my kids do everything online, this works great for them. Keeping all this in paper form is just messy and unnecessary. The ping feature is great. Just knowing that it will come to me as both email and text message helps me feel sure I’ll see it.  

Evangeline Robinson

Notary Public

AfterVault is a great tool to make sure your wishes are carried out. It’s the perfect way to make sure everything is available when needed. It’s very user friendly and the text messaging checks are a perfect topper.

Daniel R. Solomon


The security that AfterVault offer to keep my data safe until it is needed by my loved ones, is something that keeps me coming back to the service.

I know that when the time comes, my family and friends will have everything they need, in my own words.

Jase Wheatley

AfterVault User

When I found AfterVault I immediately thought, ‘Yes, this is it. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I would absolutely recommend AfterVault.

Joshua Foxton

Captain / USMC

AfterVault Can Help

We’ve built a secure, safe online vault, designed to store your most sensitive information and give you total peace of mind.  Should something happen to you, we’ll pass the info in your vault on to the people you’ve told us to.

We’ll make sure your will, savings, and documentation find their way to your family, and we’ll do it quickly, efficiently, and in a way that’s completely secure.


How It Works

1. You Fill Your Vault

Save vital information and upload documents for the ones you leave behind in secure, private cloud-based vaults.

2. Your Vault Pings You

Your vaults will check on you periodically, using a personalized protocol of emails and text messages.

3. Your Guardian Gets Access

When you no longer respond, your chosen loved ones gain access to your vaults, ensuring they’re safe and secure.