Your information is safe!


Your vital documents and photos are safe from ransomware attacks, hard drive failures, fires, and pretty much every other unforeseen destructive happening. It’s up on cloud servers, available 24/7 on any computer or mobile device. 

256-AES encryption

Password Protection

SSL encryption

Тwo-factor authentication

Security is our top priority


We keep your vital information safe from ransomware.


Military grade 256-AES encryption


It's impossible for even our employees to see your data.


SSL for highly secure end-to-end encryption.

How secure is AfterVault?

We take security seriously. We’ve invested in the best security tools and tech, and we’re constantly studying the latest developments in web security to stay two steps ahead of the hackers. We follow the same processes and rules as banks do to provide the highest level of security possible for your data.

As far as your account goes, everything is encrypted with the strongest technology available.  We run scans, security review code, and hire the good-guy hackers to try to break in and show us potential weak spots. Rest assured, we understand security, and whatever can be done to make your account 100% secure, we’re doing.

How do your beneficiaries get access to your vault?

  • They can gain access now or later, and you can turn that access on and off at your discretion.
  • You can require a death certificate to gain access.
  • They can be given access only if your alert rules tell us you’re no longer able to manage your account.

Тwo-factor authentication

We have implemented two-factor authentication. You can easily enable it from your profile. For enhanced security, you can require a response from your phone in order to open your vaults.

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