Have you heard about Pinterest? The website which is like an online pinboard. It is mostly used for collecting visual pieces of multimedia.
If you own one or two boards yourself then, it will be really useful to learn what your family or friends can do if you are no longer around. Or what you can do if someone close to you can not use the account anymore.

You can deactivate a deceased person’s account by following the step provided by Pinterest. If you’d like Pinterest to deactivate a deceased person’s account, you can email them care@pinterest.com with:
1. Your full name
2. The full name and email address on this person’s account
3. A link to their Pinterest account
4. Documentation of their passing (ex: death certificate, obituary, news article)
5. Your relationship to the person with documentation to verify it, like:
– Birth or marriage certificate
– Public mention of relation
– Family tree
– Family/household records
– Notarized proof of relation
– If your name is included in the obituary, that’s sufficient

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